Yaksha Prashna – IX

Q: What is desire?
A: Desire is due to attachment to objects
Q: What is envy?
A: Envy is nothing but grief of heart
Q: What is known as pride?
A: Solid ignorance is pride
Q: What is hypocrisy?
A: Setting up a religious standard is hypocrisy
Q: What is to be understood by the grace of gods?
A: The fruits of charity is nothing but the grace of gods
Q: What is wickedness?
A: Speaking ill of others constitutes wickedness
Q: Dharma, Artha and Kama are opposite of each other. How then can they co-exist?
A: When a wife and Dharma agree with each other, all three may co-exist
Q: Who is he who has to be condemned to everlasting hell?
A: He who requests a Brahmana to come home and then sends him back empty handed saying he has nothing to give goes to everlasting hell. He who imputes falsehood to the Vedas, scriptures, Gods, Brahmanas and the Shraddha ceremony goes to everlasting hell. He who though has enough wealth doesn’t donate nor enjoys it himself saying he doesn’t have money goes to everlasting hell.
Q: By what birth, behavior, study or learning does a person become a Brahmana?
A: It is neither by birth nor by study nor by learning that a person becomes a Brahmana. It is by behavior alone. He who maintains an unimpaired conduct is a Brahmana. Be it a Guru or a Shishya, or anyone who studies the scriptures, if one is addicted to bad habits, he is to be considered as an illiterate. He who performs his prescribed duties is learned. If one’s conduct isn’t good, he is to be considered as an illiterate wretch even if he has studied the Vedas. He who performs the Agnihotra and has his senses under control is a true Brahmana.

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