Yaksha Prashna – I

The previous post on Yaksha Prashna triggered an interest in me to post more of the contents of the conversation between Yama and Dharma. There are great philosophical and moral lessons to be learnt from that incident. I will try to present the questions and answers in simple English in several parts here.

Q: What makes the Sun rise?

A: Brahma makes the Sun rise.

Q: Who keeps company of the Sun?

A: The Gods keep company of the Sun

Q: Who causes the Sun to set?

A: Dharma causes the Sun to set

Q: In whom is the Sun established?

A: The Sun is established in the Truth

Q: By what does one become learned?

A: By the study of Srutis, one becomes learned

Q: How does one acquire great things?

A: By the practice of austerities, one acquires great things

Q: By what does one obtain a second (companion)?

A: One obtains a second by intelligence

Q: How can one obtain intelligence?

A: One obtains intelligence by serving the old

Q: What aspect of the Brahmanas is their divinity?

A: The study of Vedas constitutes the divinity of the Brahmins

Q: What part of their (Brahmins) practice is pious?

A: The practice of ascetism by Brahmins constitutes their piety

Q: What aspect of Brahmins indicates their human nature?

A: Their liability to death indicates Brahmins’ human nature

Q: What practice of Brahmins is impious?

A: Slandering is the impious part of Brahmins



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