Dwadasha Stotra – 5

  1. O Lord, the one who resides everywhere, One who cannot be understood completely by anyone, One who has Vaikunta and other wonderful residences, One who is pure, One who is known as Supreme by knowledgeable people, One who is the Lord of Lakshmi, One who held Dhara (earth) as Varaha, One who held Govardhana and other hills, One who destroys Asuras, One who is holding this Universe, One who is the creator of Brahma who creates Rudra and others, One who is the best – grant us your direct knowledge and destroy the clutches of mortal life. Destroy the veil of ignorance that has engulfed us!
  2. O Lord Keshava – the One who is the cause of even Brahma and Rudra, O ruler of the world, O deity of the One holding the Pasha (Varuna), O Lord of the valorous, I pray to you. O Narayana, the One without any defects, the primordial reason behind this Universe, the One responsible for even the creators like nature, O complete one, O Supreme one, I bow and pray to you
  3. O Lord of Lakshmi, O Lord of the Supreme knowledge, O accomplisher of the devotees’ desires, the One who is the hurdle to the desires of the evil, O preacher of knowledge, the One having a pure Dhyana, I bow to you. O Lord who is proclaimed by the Vedas, O protector of the cows, O destroyer of the gross & subtle bodies enclosing the soul, I pray to you, the One who is worshipped by Skanda and Sanandana
  4. O Lord – the One who is omnipresent in this Universe, the One whose very nature is to create, the One who swallows this Universe (during Pralaya), the One with only (and always complete) happiness, the destroyer of evil people, the One who establishes Dharma very effectively, I especially pray to you. The destroyer of the evil Daitya known as Madhu, the destroyer of Danavas, the One gives pleasure to Devatas, the One who is proclaimed in the Vedas, I bow in reverence to you!
  5. O Lord – the One who is not bound by any regulation, the valorous One, the One who follows the established path in order to educate the world, the One whose engagement always is to establish the righteous path, the One who destroys the world merely by a “Hum-kaara”, the One who is beyond Vedas, time, attributes, the Universe and all souls, I pray to you. O giver of good to noble souls, O giver of sorrow to evil, O giver of knowledge to devotees, the One proclaimed by the Sama Veda, O destroyer of anger and other evil in righteous people, the One who is bearing everything, I bow to you
  6. O Lord – the One who has Lakshmi in his chest, the One whose very nature is bliss, the One who is bearing this earth (as Varaha), the One bearing the liberated souls, I bow to you. O Lord of the senses, the One with beautiful hair, the Lord (bearer) of Brahma, Rudra and others, the Lord of those who surrender, the One who is the Lord of even the powerful, the One who governs the various arts, the One who governs both material and spiritual joy – I pray to you!
  7. O Lord – the One who is the reason for everything auspicious, the One with radiance like that of Sun which makes a Lotus bloom, the One who is bearing all the beings, the One who is bearing this Universe, I pray to you. The One who is present within and even outside of this Universe, the One who is far by virtue of being at the end of the hierarchy, the One who gives happiness to the noble souls, the Supreme One, I bow to you
  8. This song in praise of Lord Hari, composed by Sri Anandatirtha Muni, will act like the Sun in showing the path of salvation to those who sing this with devotion. This song is very capable of increasing devotion towards Lord Hari

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