Dwadasha Stotra – 4

  1. One who has true and limitless bliss and intelligence, One who has unique and excellent capacity, One who is full of infinite attributes, One who is the Supreme, One who does not have death or decay, One who removes all sorrow, let that Lakshmi pati, the One who is most worthy of praise, protect me!
  2. Lord Hari has bliss even as he doesn’t need Shushupti (deep sleep). He is the personification of happiness. This Universe undergoes creation, destruction, etc merely by His wish and intelligence. The Vedas proclaim Him as such
  3. The Lord has created this wonderful Universe, full of vibrant and different creations. He has infinite strength, infinite attributes and is Supreme. One who meditates upon the Lord as being the personification of happiness will definitely obtain the abode of happiness that is salvation
  4. If one meditates upon the all-controlling and Supreme Lord, how can one’s mind and senses get polluted? Being self-satisfied always, the true nature of Lord Hari, the one without a birth, is always clean and unpolluted
  5. Worship that Lord Hari, who removes the ignorance engulfing the Jeeva, by destroying the powerful, natural enemies of one such as Kama, Krodha, etc using the sword called Manas (mind) which has been sharpened by using a sharpening instrument called the Vedas!
  6. He is the one who creates the creators of the world such as Brahma, Rudra, Indra, Surya and others. He is the one who protects them and destroys them. To those who worship His feet with devotion, He grants them His feet (salvation)
  7. There is none who is greater than, or equal to Lord Ramesha, the One who is complete, Supreme, One who is bliss and knowledge personified. There has never been anyone greater than Him, there never will be, there is none now!
  8. This stotra, in praise of Lord Hari, has been composed by the saint named Sukhathirtha. One who chants this with devotion will obtain the eternal and ultimate bliss that is Moksha

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