Dwadasha Stotra – 2

  1. He is the Full Moon, which creates ecstatic waves in the ocean of pious people. Let that Indirapati (consort of Lakshmi), the One who has infinite attributes and One who is full of joy, show affection towards us
  2. O Lord Narayana, the One who is like Full Moon giving joy to the Chakora bird called Rama (Lakshmi), the One who is the fire which burns the arrogance of evil people, the One who is the final destination for that pious traveler, I offer my salutations to you!
  3. The One who performs creation, preservation and destruction of both the sentient and insentient Universe, the One who is without any distortion, to that householder who is the sweetheart of Rama (Lakshmi), I offer my salutations.
  4. He is full of joy and perfect attributes. He is always worshipped with devotion by Indira, who constantly looks at Him with her smiling glances. I offer my salutations to that Hari
  5. Everything is under His control. He is under the control of none. He has conquered everything. No body has ever won Him. He is the one who has created everything. He has not been created by anyone. To that Ramapati, I offer my salutations!
  6. One without any Gunas (Gunas that are part of Prakriti), One whose very essence comprises all Gunas, One who is the primordial reason for this Universe, One who is the destroyer of all enemies. O Vasudeva! My salutations to you
  7. One who is the primordial Lord, One who is the Lord of the Devatas, One who destroyed the enemies, One who brings an end to the eternal ignorance. O best of all! salutations to you
  8. One who was never born, One who is the progenitor of all, One who destroyed all the Danavas, One who is worthy of worship by even Brahma and others. O Garudadhvaja, salutations to you
  9. One who is constantly subject to the affection filled glances of Indira, One whose main occupation is fullfilling of our desires, One who is complete, O Lord Hari, salutations to you!

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