Krishnamruta Maharnava – XXIX

  • Sloka 281: One should wear the mark of Gada on the forehead, the marks of bow and arrow on the head, the marks of Padma and Koustubha on the heart and the marks of Shankha and Chakra on the shoulders
  • Sloka 282: Even a realized soul should not go after materialistic results. One should always be performing the Karmas as prescribed in the Shastras
  • Sloka 283: Even if one knows the past, present and future and even if one is capable of uplifting (doing good) the whole world, one should never give up the prescribed duties, as detailed in the Shrutis and Smrutis
  • Sloka 284: If one performs his duties according to his capacity and nature and with utmost devotion to, and knowledge of,  the Lord, the actions of such a person will yield maximum results
  • Sloka 285: One should desire to live a hundred years by continuously doing the duties prescribed to oneself. If this is done, then no sins, from any activity, will stick on to an individual. If one gives up action, the sins will definitely stick!
  • Sloka 286: That which is in accordance with the Vedas is Dharma. That which is against the Vedas is Adharma. That which is in accordance with the practice of good people (Satvik people) and that which pleases them is Dharma
  • Sloka 287: That karma which is done without attachment to the results, and which is done with the knowledge of the Supreme Lord is known as ‘Nivrutta Karma’. One who performs Nivrutta Karma will attain Parabramha, the One who is eternal and who is full of auspicious attributes!
  • Sloka 288: In the Balittha Sukta, the three amazing avatars of Lord Vayudeva are described. The three avatars have taken place as per the wishes of Lord Hari and the avatars have the same strength and knowledge as the Moola Roopa (of Mukhya Prana). The three avatars are also worthy of worship and are excellent. The first avatar of Hanuman carried the words of Lord Rama to Seeta. The second avatar of Bhima destroyed the army of the Kauravas. The third avatar of Madhva has composed this creation to obtain the grace of Lord Keshava
  • Sloka 289: Let this work, which is like the rays of the glowing Sun called Anandatirtha, and which is like bright rays absorbed by even the Devatas, grant all the good desires of ours
  • Sloka 290: Lord Vishnu is full of all auspicious attributes; He is free from all defects; He is always satisfied (contented, with no desires); He is my beloved Lord. Let HIM be pleased with this work!

|| Thus ends the Krishnamruta Maharnava, a work composed by Sri Madanandatirtha Bhagavatpadacharya ||




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