Krishnamruta Maharnava – XXI

  • Sloka 201: If one is unable to practise Dwadashi Parana as previously described, one should perform Parana with water first and then consume food. So say some
  • Sloka 202: If one drinks water, it is equivalent to both eating as well as staying without food, so say the knowledgeable. Hence, I will perform the vrata of Dwadashi Parana with just water (one must perform Sankalpa in this way)
  • Sloka 203: Neither Kashi, nor Gaya; neither Ganga nor Narmada; neither Godavari nor Kurukshetra. None of them are equal to the day of Lord Hari (Ekadashi)
  • Sloka 204: Neither thousands of Ashwamedha sacrifices nor hundreds of Vajapeya sacrifices are equivalent to even one sixteenth the merits of fasting on an Ekadashi
  • Sloka 205: O Excellent King! The firewood, which are our sins, accumulated over hundreds of births are instantly burnt to ashes by the fire, which is the merit obtained, due to fasting on an Ekadashi!
  • Sloka 206: There is no other day on this earth which is as purifying and capable of destroying our sins as the day of Lord Padmanabha (Ekadashi)
  • Sloka 207: O King! Sins accumulate and stay in this human body only till one fasts on the day of Lord Padmanabha
  • Sloka 208: O Lord! All the sins committed by the eleven sense organs are destroyed by fasting on the eleventh day (Ekadashi). Note: The 11 sense organs are eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, mouth, hands, legs, renal and excretory organs and the mind (manas)
  • Sloka 209: O King! There is nothing else that is equivalent to Ekadashi in destroying one’s sins. Even if one observes Ekadashi just for showing off, such a person shall not see Yama
  • Sloka 210: Lord Veda Vyasa said:: On my day (Ekadashi), even if one offers me a little food, such a person will attain hell. What then of a person who actually consumes food himself!





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