Krishnamruta Maharnava – XX

  • Sloka 191: Statements such as Ekadashi not to be performed in Krishna Paksha, fasting not to be done on Ekadashi with Bharani Nakshatra and other such forbidden rules exist only for those who observe Ekadashi with the goal of materialistic results
  • Sloka 192: Those who fast for materialistic desires also should fast on every Ekadashi (without exceptions) for obtaining Moksha and their wishes. This is for pleasing the Supreme Lord and not with the intention of any particular desire
  • Sloka 193: Therefore, whether it is Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha, or even if there is Bharani Nakshatra or any other reason, one must always fast on an Ekadashi in order to obtain the love of Lord Hari and also attain his abode
  • Sloka 194: On the day after Dwadashi (Trayodashi), if there is Dwadashi for a ghatika or even a Kala (24 seconds), doing Parana (breaking fast) on previous day (Dwadashi) will destroy the merits accumulated due to 12 Dwadashi Paranas. Note: If there is any contact of Dwadashi with Trayodashi next day, fasting must be done on 2 days and Parana must be done on Trayodashi
  • Sloka 195: If one does not fast on an Atirikta Dwadashi (excess Dwadashi on Trayodashi) or if Dwadashi is over at the time of Parana on Trayodashi, one loses the merits accumulated over 12 Dwadashi Paranas
  • Sloka 196: If there is excess Dwadashi on the day of Trayodashi and one still eats on the previous Dwadashi day or if one does not perform Parana on the morning of such a Trayodashi when Dwadashi still exists, the merits accumulated over 12 Dwadashi Paranas will be destroyed
  • Sloka 197: If one does not fast on a Dwadashi which comes along with Shravana Nakshatra, such an dumb person will lose all merits accumulated over 5 years. Note: Shravana Nakshatra and Dwadashi tithi should coincide till only noon. If Shravana Nakshatra extends to Trayodashi, fasting must not be done on such a Dwadashi
  • Sloka 198: If one fasts on Ekadashi and also fasts on the Dwadashi (in case of Shravana Dwadashi), then missing Dwadashi Parana will not count as a mistake. After all, isn’t Lord Hari the Lord of both the days?
  • Sloka 199: There is no mistake if one does Parana initially with just water and then has a proper meal
  • Sloka 200: If there is very little Dwadashi left, one should perform all his morning rituals AND noon rituals before dawn itself. The meal which is consumed later will attract distortion (in terms of merits)





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