Krishnamruta Maharnava – XIV

  • Sloka 131: O Bhudevi! Even if it is an impure place, or a country belonging to the Mlechhas, if there exists a Shaligrama which has Chakra signs on it, then a region of 3 Yojanas around that place is my place (has my special presence)
  • Sloka 132: Shaligrama contains the special presence of Lord Hari. Therefore, if one carries a Shaligrama with Chakra signs or a Chakranika to a place, that place becomes 100 times better than even Varanasi
  • Sloka 133: In Shaligrama stones and in Chakrankitas, there is always a special presence of the Lord. Hence, in any house where there is a confluence of these two, the Sadhaka there will surely obtain Mukti. This is certain!
  • Sloka 134: Rudra said:: The theertha from the Shankha, Naivedya offered to Lord Hari, Nirmalya, Theertha, Arathi and Angara (left-over from Dhoopa) – these can relieve an individual from the sins of even Brahma Hatya
  • Sloka 135: If one rotates the Shankha with water around Lord Hari from His feet to His head (known as Shankha Bhramana) and then sprinkles such water on to oneself, the sins corresponding to 10000 Brahma Hatyas will get burnt away
  • Sloka 136: If one has adorned himself with the Shankha Udaka (theertha from Shankha as explained in previous shloka), even Navagrahas, Bhootas, Pisachas, Snakes, Rakshashas and other evil will run away from such a person
  • Sloka 137: The merits described in the Shastras for performing monthly fasts for six months, the same merits can be obtained in Kali Yuga by consuming the food offered to Lord Vishnu
  • Sloka 138: If one cleans his body with the Nirmalya offered to Lord Vishnu, the sins and diseases of such a person will completely get destroyed
  • Sloka 139: The holy water from the feet of Vishnu (theertha) will rid one from untimely deaths, deadly diseases and all sins and misfortune.  The theertha therefore is very auspicious
  • Sloka 140: Rudra said:: O Devi! Listen to this amazing thing – The Mangala Arathi (auspicious lamp) held in front of Lord Vishnu, upon contact, burns away even the sins of Brahma Hatya (and other sins) of a person




One thought on “Krishnamruta Maharnava – XIV

  1. when dharma is so simple to observe, why many do not is a mystery! it is possible to do so in spite of hectic schedule of modern man.

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