Krishnamruta Maharnava – XIII

  • Sloka 121: Garuda Purana:: If one gives the remaining Naivedya of Lord Hari to his Pitrus during Shraddha ceremony, the Pitrus of such a person will be satisfied for many crores of Kalpas with such a Pinda offering containing Tila and Kusha grass
  • Sloka 122: One who engages in fixing a price for Shaligrama stone, One who engages in selling Saligramas, One who allows trade involving Saligrama shilas, One who participates or approves the puchase of Saligramas… (contd in next shloka)
  • Sloka 123: (contd…) Such a person will attain hell after the Pralaya (armageddon) of this Universe. Therefore, wise men should give up (never engage) the trading of the Shaligrama Shila containing Chakras
  • Sloka 124: What more needs to be said? Those who are hesitant of sins have to worship Shaligrama. Those wishing for Moksha should always worship Shaligrama along with two Chakranikas (stones obtained in Dwaraka)
  • Sloka 125: For a person who consumes the Tirtha made from Shaligrama Shila, what is the use of Panchagavya (mixture made using cow products during Yagnas), even if consumed thousands of times!
  • Sloka 126: Just as the holy water of Vishnu (tirtha) is auspicious and gives merits, so does the Nirmalya offered to Lord Hari (Tulasi, etc), His gandha, His Naivedya, left-over dhoopa (angaara) and Arathi also offer innumerable merits
  • Sloka 127: One should always consume the Naivedya which has the leaves of Tulasi (added to the food while offering it to the Lord). One should always bear, on his head, the Nirmalya as it remedies even the greatest sins!
  • Sloka 128: Irrespective of whether done with devotion or without devotion, if one sees or touches the Shaligrama stone which has Chakra signs on it, all the sins of an individual are washed away
  • Sloka 129: In the Shaligrama stone and the Chakranika stone from Dwaraka, the special appearance/presence of Lord Hari exists. Therefore, the tirtha made from these washes away even the sins of Brahma Hatya (killing of a knowledgeable man)
  • Sloka 130: Where ever there is a Shaligrama stone, Lord Hari exists there. Hence, snana (bathing) and daana (donations) made in such a place is a hundred times more beneficial than even Varanasi!





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