Krishnamruta Maharnava – IX

  • Sloka 81: That tongue which does not praise the glory of Lord Hari is nothing but a lump of muscle; It is just like the small tongue, a blot (disease) on the face
  • Sloka 82: O Brahmins! What is the use of those hands that do not clean the abode of the Lord (Puja room)? The hands of such an animal-like human are nothing but a load on the shoulders
  • Sloka 83: Those legs which visit temples are indeed worthy. O auspicious one! That which see Lord Hari happily are the (only) real eyes
  • Sloka 84: O twice born! Even after being born (in this world), if one does not visit temples, what use are legs for such a person, who wanders around wastefully?
  • Sloka 85: O Dharmajna! Even for Rishis who are well versed in Veda and Vedangas, who are always reading/learning, who have their firm mind on Lord Hari, their sainthood (Rishitva) comes only due to the mercy of the Lord
  • Sloka 86: The pleasure of staying in sorrow-less Vaikunta, enjoying the comfort of cots laden with unique gems along with maidens, is the result of constant remembrance of Lord Keshava
  • Sloka 87: Even those who perform thousands of Ashwamedha sacrifices do not obtain the results that devotees of Lord Hari obtain!
  • Sloka 88: O Humans! Why all this effort in performing Yagnas and other rituals? Fold your hands towards the Lord. You will get Vaikunta, the abode of Lord Achyuta, merely by doing that!
  • Sloka 89: One who performs a Pradakshina, with devotion, even once to the plane of Lord Vishnu (his ratha and sanctum sanctorum) will obtain the results of performing thousands of Ashwamedha sacrifices
  • Sloka 90: One who performs Pradakshinas to Lord Hari with devotion will go to the abode of the Lord in a chariot driven by Hamsas




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