Krishnamruta Maharnava – VIII

  • Sloka 71: O Tongue of mine, you don’t seem to like me. Why are you not saying the name of Lord Hari. O Auspicious one! Say “Hari” at least now. Isn’t HE the only boat that will take us across the ocean of life?
  • Sloka 72: In this world with no essence, Lord Hari is the one who has more substance/essence than even Lakshmi & Brahma. Just as Jaataka birds will not drink water even though it is tasty, similarly the sinned ones will never attain Lord Hari, who is full of essence.
  • Sloka 73: For one who has the two syllables constituting “Hari” at the forefront of his tongue, what is the use of Kurukshetra, Kashi, Pushkara and other pilgrim centers?
  • Sloka 74: Brahma said:: In this world which is devoid of happiness, there is only one thing that has been proven as the best – the worship of Lord Hari, which (who) gives the best results
  • Sloka 75: Only that tongue that chants the name of Lord Hari is the (real) tongue. Only that mind which resides in HIM is the real mind. Only that hand which worships HIM is worthy of praise
  • Sloka 76: One who worships Lord Vishnu with firm devotion, after having controlled his senses, such a person will attain the best position of Vaikunta even if he always stayed at his home only!
  • Sloka 77: Shankara said:: O noble one! One who is well versed in Dharma! One who has killed the Danavas! You are asking about the worship of Vishnu. This is really appropriate!
  • Sloka 78: O Bhargava! Those who do not rid themselves of their sins do not feel devotion towards Lord Keshava for even a minute, half-minute or even a Muhurtha
  • Sloka 79: Only that Manas which resides in Lord Keshava is qualified to obtain Moksha. That being the case, what is the use of a Manas which does not have firm attachment towards Lord Hari, the Lord of Brahma and Rudra
  • Sloka 80: That tongue which does not chant the name of Lord Hari is not a tongue. It is an extra-growth on the face (in the mouth). Those ears which do not listen to the tales of the Lord are not ears. They are merely holes!





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