Krishnamruta Maharnava – I

My attempt at translating into English the beautiful Sri Krishnamruta Maharnava, a work of Sri Madhvacharya. Hope to publish this as a series of posts in the coming days/weeks.
Note: Please do not consider my posts as an authentic translation. My attempt is to convey the essence of the shlokas. If I make at least some meaning, without having distorted or misinterpreted the original, I would be satisfied. Feedback and comments are therefore most welcome!
  • Sloka 1: He who is worshipped, remembered, meditated upon, praised, is the topic of discourses; He who is the giver of salvation, I bow to that Keshava, the controller of even Brahma and Rudra
  • Sloka 2: In order to help the world, which is suffering from the three fold misery of Adhyatmika, Adibhoutika and Adidaivika troubles, and to help achieve peace and happiness, I am narrating the ocean of nectar of Sri Krishna (Srikrishnamruta Maharnava)
  • Sloka 3: One who doesn’t take Deeksha (initiation) into Sri Hari (‘s worship) and who doesn’t pray & worship Him, he is like an animal in this world. What is the purpose of such a life?
  • Sloka 4: In this life, which is full of big miseries such as birth, disease, fear etc, the worship of Adhokshaja is the only big fortune.
  • Sloka 5: Vishnu is inside all and is the controller of all. He is also the refuge for all. One who pleases Him through his worship – he alone is the fortunate one in this world. Such a person alone will bring glory to his lineage
  • Sloka 6: More than Yagnas, Tapas and other daily (routine and good) activities, it is the continuous worship of Lord Hari that will lead humans towards salvation (Moksha)
  • Sloka 7:  The worship of Lord Hari leads to the destruction of ignorance caused by Kali and the removal of all sins. A person who does such daily worship of the Lord is also to be revered – just like Vishnu himself
  • Sloka 8: O Muni! In this Kali Yuga, when Tamasa Guna is all pervading, there is nothing more beneficial for Jivas than the worship of Lord Hari. Therefore, those who are eligible for salvation always worship Him
  • Sloka 9: Lord Hari is all pervading. He is always ornate with Shankha, Chakra and Gada. He is the controller of even Brahma (and others) who are the controllers of Indra and other devatas. Hence, if Vishnu is worshipped, in effect, all the others are also worshipped!
  • Sloka 10: Keshava is the Lord of the Universe, one who is worshipped by the Gods such as Brahma and Shiva and asuras such as Prahlada, one who destroyed Kamsa & Keshi, one who is the controller of Brahma and Rudra; If one worships Him with complete devotion, he will never be condemned to hell

Source: Sankeerna Granthagalu, published by Akhila Bharata Madhva Mahamandala, 2nd edition




2 thoughts on “Krishnamruta Maharnava – I

  1. Hi Hari,

    Baari kushi aan Krishnaamrutha Mahaarnava odutu. Thanks. nanna gnyaana do vishaya aanath barontippad.


  2. Dear Hari,
    Of late, I came across about this work of Srimad Acharya. The translation of this Grantha is really commendable. i am touched by this Grantha.


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