Krishnamruta Maharnava – II

  • Sloka 11: Shankara said:: Even if one worships Govinda only once (for those in great difficulty) with Bilvapatra (read Tulasi), such a person will become eligible for Moksha. Such a person will be free from troubles and will later reside in Vaikunta and other Vishnu Lokas eternally
  • Sloka 12: Shankara said:: One who worships Janardana, the Lord of all Lords, at least once with complete devotion is indeed blessed and such a person will attain the highest position of Moksha
  • Sloka 13: One who worships or prays to the Lord at least once, even for the sake of fun, will attain Vaikunta, which is otherwise difficult to attain even for Devatas
  • Sloka 14: Narada said:: The main purpose/reward of the human life is to worship that Vishnu who is the Lord of the Universe, who is the Lord of even devatas such as Brahma and Rudra, who is the holder of Sharnga (bow) and who has all the auspicious attributes!
  • Sloka 15: Pulastya said:: If one worships Purushottama with devotion, albeit offering just blades of Kusha grass, Hari definitely grants such a person fruits (results) much more than what even Yagnas can fetch!
  • Sloka 16: If one worships Hari even only with water, He, who is the controller of all the Gods and who wears Shankha and Chakra, grants results very easily
  • Sloka 17: For those suffering in hell, Dharma (Yama) asks – “How come you did not worship Hari, the one who relieves us from miseries and who is the Lord of even Brahma and Rudra?”
  • Sloka 18: Yama asks:: “How come Vishnu, the one who took the form of Narasimha, one who is the controller of all senses (Hrishikesha), who has eyes which resemble Lotus petals, and who grants salvation to those who merely think of, was never worshipped by you?”
  • Sloka 19: Yama asks:: “Why did you not worship Vishnu who grants His place (Moksha) even if one worships him with just plain water (when other materials are unavailable)?”
  • Sloka 20: Brahma said:: Initiation as a Vaishnava removes all misery. One who does not take such an initiation will always be subjected to the trouble of experiencing birth and death. Such persons will become thieves and will always be condemned.





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