Madhva Jayanti

Tomorrow, along with Vijaya Dashami, is also the auspicious occasion of Sri Madhva Jayanti. It was on Vijaya Dashami day that Mukhya Prana took avatar as Sri Madhvacharya. He was born in Pajaka, close to Udupi in 1239 AD.

On this great occasion, I wish all readers of this blog a very happy Vijaya Dashami and Madhva Jayanti. I am uploading the Kannada and English transliteration of Madhva Nama, a Dasara Pada by Sri Sripadaraja Swamy. This is a very famous composition in simple Kannada and extols the virtues of Mukhya Prana and the three avatars of Hanuman, Bhimasena and Sri Madhva. In Madhva tradition, it is a practice for people who have not had Upanayana Samskara to chant the Madhva Nama instead of Vayu Stuti. It is believed to bring the same benefits to the devotees.

The documents can be downloaded from this link.

I have also uploaded the Kannada and Devanagari transliteration of the Narayana Sukta (along with intonation). You can download the same from the Suktas link.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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