Raghavendra Swamy’s miracles

Sri Raghavendra Swamy is known for his numerous miracles, both during his avatara period and even later. Even today, thousands of devotees experience the power of the great Saint’s blessings.

One of the most fascinating stories revolving around Swamiji was when he made himself felt to a British officer of the East India Company. The East India Company was planning to take over the area around Mantralaya under endowment, and in this regard some people belonging to the Mantralaya Raghavendra Mutt requested Thomas Munro, the British officer in-charge, to leave out Mantralaya. Thomas Munro was a believer in piety and he decided to visit the Mutt himself and decide what to do later. What happened next was amazing.  The event is captured in the Madras District Gazetteer. I reproduce the relevant document below. The extract below simply highlights the miraculous powers of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji.


By W. FRANCIS, Esq. I.C.S.
Reprint 1916 by the superintendent Govt Press, Madras
Chapter XV-Adoni Taluk-Page No.213
Mantsala (Mantralaya):- A Shrothriem village with a population of 1212 on the bank of the Tungabhadra in the extreme north of the Taluk. The village is widely known as containing the tomb of the Madhva saint Sri Raghavendra Swami, the annual festival in August connected with, which is attended by large numbers of pilgrims, including even Lingayats, from Bombay, the Nizam’s Dominions and even Mysore. The tomb itself is not architectural interest. The grant of the landed endowment attached to it, is said in one of the Mackenzic MSS, to have been made by Venkannapant, the well known Dewan of Sidi Masud Khan, Governor of Adoni from 1662 to1687.
A quaint story of Sir Thomas Munro is told about the place. The endowment being threatened with resumption, Munro, it is said came to make enquiries. After removing his boots and taking off his hat he approached the grave. The saint there upon emerged from his tomb and met him. They conversed together for sometime regarding the resumption, but though the saint was visible and audible to Munro-who was himself the people declare, semi-divine, none of the others who were there could either see him or hear what he said. The discussion ended, Munro returned to his tent and quashed the proposal to resume the endowment. Being offered some consecrated rice, he accepted it and ordered it to be used in
the preparation of his meals for that day.
-Madras Review VII 280.


The extract is available as part of a document on Madhva Charitre and can be read online here.


18 thoughts on “Raghavendra Swamy’s miracles

  1. sir,i tequest the readers to the list of yathis madhwa parapara right from madhwachaya or even before till todate,according to the mattas,period,their main works, story etc.where can i get these details.is there any madhwa library from where i can get this information.
    how some mattas are called by some yathis name&have their own yathis instead of coming under the names of udupi asthaa mutts.for eg.raghothamar,sripadarajaru,vyasarayaru matts have their own yatis though all are madhavs.some greats have no mutts like jatheertharu.there are 2 separate mutts for srpadarajaru &vyasarayaru,though vyasarayaru was the immediate shisya of srpadarajaru.please explain,

  2. Muts are made to propagate Madhva thought basically. Sripadarajaru and Vyasarajaru have separate Mutts as both were great and had a mission of their own. One was a great tapasvi and anaother a great author. Jayatirtharu has Uttaradi Mutt as his successors belonged to NORTHERN KARNATAKA OTHERS ARE KNOWN BY THEIR NAMES AS WELL. ASTHA MUTTSHAVE A DIFFERENT CONCEPT OF KRISHNA WORSHIP MAINLY AND PREACHING LATER.

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