Tulasi Stotra and other stotras

I have managed to transliterate a few stotras today.

  1. Tulasi Stotra
  2. Go Savitri Stotra
  3. Veda Sara (Hitopadesha)
  4. Kuru Stotra – by Sri Vadiraja Swamy

The transliteration is available in Kannada, Devanagari and English scripts. You can download the same from the Mantras page.

10 thoughts on “Tulasi Stotra and other stotras




  2. Good to see your blog. I never imagined that you folks are so timid. Mr Chiraan disabled commenting on the debate thread, and removed atleast 10 of my posts that refuted his arguments (as well as yours). We entered into the debate with Chiraan’s promise that none of the posts would be removed and the debate would be unmoderated. Don’t you folks have any honor to delete my posts rather than admitting defeat? šŸ™‚

    1. I stopped visiting the thread after I could not comment. Why don’t you inquire with Sri Chiraan on why the discussion halted midway, instead of spraying comments all over the net.

      And there is no way I can figure out whether or not your comments were deleted. You kept repeating this multiple times even during the debate.

      And seems like you cannot post even a single comment (on any forum) without hurling distasteful provocations at the author.

      Regards, Hari

      1. Why don’t you check with him whether my comments were deleted? When I had made such an accusation against him by mistake (once he had changed the page layout without informing me and I thought that he deleted my posts) I apologized unconditionally. This time it is no mistake. Contrary to his promise, he removed several of my posts. And he doesn’t respond to my challenge to continue the debate.

        I never hurled any distasteful provocation against any author who has not done the same to me. Do you mean to say that I should take all the provocations by Chiraan lying down? It was he who started such third rate provocations – like “Moodha”, “if you’re born from the loins of a single man, then blah blah”, “like a naked prostitute in the cross roads” … the list goes on. I can show each and every one of it from the debate thread if you want. I never stooped to this level of degeneration despite his provocations. šŸ™‚ And as a rule, I never abuse anyone who doesn’t abuse me. And you can see from the same thread that I’ve appreciated the comments of even those who have disagreed with my arguments without abusing.

        1. I was referring to your previous comment calling me timid.

          I would participate in the debate if it restarted (and if allowed to participate). But I am not going to get involved in restarting it. Have too many other things on my plate.

          Perhaps a separate yahoo group or something would be better suited to such debates where all interaction takes place through mails and even the question of deleting, etc do not arise.

          Regards, Hari

          1. I called “you folks” timid, not you personally. And the reason was that you folks ended the debate abruptly when the going got tough, and there was no word of question or protest from the abusers of Karna. If you folks had been brave you would either prove me wrong or admit defeat. Instead, Chiraan deleted my posts and after ensuring that I can’t respond, he made several posts writing all kinds of nonsense about Karna. This is akin to shooting arrows at an unarmed warrior, which is the trademark of timid folks.

            1. Dear everybody,

              Oh! What’s happening? It is sad to find trading charges against one another in this blog. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I consider it lucky to to be aware of this blog and make it a point to visit it everyday to enlighten myself and get the benefit on the spiritual matters. Debate, defeat, trying to prove I AM RIGHT – Oh, No. This should not be place for it, in my opinion. My apologies for unsolicited reaction of mine.

              N. Srinivas

              1. Namaskara Srinivas,

                I apologize for that thread. None of the other readers would get the context. There was a debate on Mahabharata, specifically on the character (role) of Karna in another portal. I was part of that debate which ended abruptly. That led to the previous set of comments. Please ignore the thread.

                Thanks for visiting the blog regularly. Do continue to do so.

                Regards, Hari

              2. Sorry Srinivas, the context of my comments has nothing to do with this blog. My apologies for distracting you. Please continue to enlighten yourself from hariprasad’s blog.

  3. Dear Mr Hari/ Mr.Surya.
    With respect to the debate dont get disheartened and ultimately its “Hari Vayu Seva”.
    This blog is basically meant to highlight the significance of Bhakti towards Harivayu through different means.
    All of us including me will try to leave behind 6 enemies (kaama,krodha etc)and try to do nishkaama seva.
    This is an excellent oppurtunity for all of us and try to reach that highest level of knowledge.
    We have to respect each others view and take the good ones from that and not to leave the swadharma as thought by Lordkrishna.
    Its a humble request.
    Thanking you .
    Hari vayu dasa
    Adarsh Achar

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