Tapta Mudra Dharana – 2009

Today is Ashaada Shukla Ekadashi – the beginning of Chaturmasya. Today is also the day when most Vaishnavas (Madhvas, specifically) take the “Tapta Mudra Dharana“. I managed to get the Mudras from Puthige Matha, Bangalore. The Mudras were given by Sri Sri Raghumanya Tirtha Swamiji of the Bhimanakatte Matha.

This time, the administrators of the matha had made very good arrangements. First of all, the Sudarshana Homa ended right on time at 6:45AM and the mudra dharane started exactly at 7AM. Also, the people who assembled were made to stand in a queue right from the beginning. Usually, people rush towards the Swamiji resulting in a traffic jam 🙂

As usual, there were a bunch of “devotees” trying to use their “influence” to avoid the queue but the administrators were politely refusing their requests. The whole event was disciplined and systematic, which made me very happy.


4 thoughts on “Tapta Mudra Dharana – 2009

  1. Sir,

    Can you please add the facility to this blog, so that we can subscribe to RSS feeds.


  2. respected sir,
    i have a doubt w.r.t. tapta mudra dharana
    can anyone have tapta mudra dharana
    if so what are the rule that are to be followed prior and after the dharana

  3. Tapta Mudra Dharana is renewal of Vaishnava Deekha by us. It is there in other faiths also called Mudrankanam. We are supposed to observe ekadashi regularly and stop eating out. This, along with other simple observations are enough.

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