Yamaka Bharata

Yamaka Bharata is another of Sri Madhvacharya’s short works. It contains 81 shlokas in a variety of metres. The theme of the work is a concise narration of Sri Krishna’s story and the Mahabharata. In fact, this work is an excellent initiation to those who have not read the Mahabharata. It (correctly) projects Sri Krishna and Bhimasena as the heroes of the Bhaarata.

As the title suggests, this poem by Sri Madhva contains extensive use of Yamaka (rhymes).  In each half of a shloka, a particular word is used in one pada (quarter) that is repeated in the next pada. But, the meaning of the same word in different padas is different. For e.g.

krishna katheyam yamita sukhatirthanoditaanane yam yamita |

bhaktimataa parameshe sarvodrekaa sadaanutaapa rameshe ||

This composition of Sri Madhva is another example of his super-human talents. His skills in poetry are fully demonstrated here. Similarly, in the Dvadasha Stotras, one can see the musical genius of the Saint. It is a tribute to him that one of the stotras has actually made it into a movie as a song (albeit on his life!). In the Katha Lakshana, Sri Madhva displays his grasp of the field of debate and discussion. His works on philosophy are numerous and well known. In the Tantra Sara Sangraha, Sri Madhva reveals his innate knowledge of sculptures. His Jayanti Nirnaya offers a glimpse of his knowledge of astrology as well.

There is hardly any other saint who has displayed mastery over such a variety of subjects!

I have managed to transliterate the Yamaka Bharata into Kannada, Devanagari and English scripts. You can download the same from my Mantras page.


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