Update on the Vishnu Sahasranama Portal work

Its been 15 days since the portal became available. Some updates to the website have been made.

  • A facility to read the stotra online in Kannada, English and Devanagiri
  • An amateur attempt at providing a Vishnu Sahasranama screensaver!
  • The English translation of the specific portion of the Mahabharata where the Vishnu Sahasranama appears

With regard to the development of the portal, we have decided to split up the work into four phases. In the first phase, we will just add the names and their meanings. About 400 names are complete so far.

In the second phase, we will add individual pages for each name. This will contain name, pronunciation aid, meaning and namavali but no detailed notes.

In the third phase, we will add detailed notes for each name, based on several references we are accumulating.

In the fourth phase, we will upload short audio clips which will help one learn pronunciation and namavali. For example, refer to pages corresponding to the first two names in the portal.

My friend Madhusimha has joined in this effort to build the portal. Thanks to him, I am hoping the portal will shape up much faster!

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