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Today is the auspicious day of Madhva Navami, the day when Sri Madhvacharya left Udupi for Badari in order to stay with, and serve, Sri Veda Vyasa. It is believed that he is in Badari even to this day. It is a very important festival for Madhvas and grand programs are held in Udupi, Pajaka and other places.

According to some sources, this day occurred in 1317 A.D. Others attribute it to Magha Masa – Shukla Paksha- Navami – Pingala Samvatsara. This occurs on Sunday, January 19, 1318 A.D (and not 1317). In either case, it has been nearly 700 years now since Sri Madhvacharya proceeded to Badari.

On this auspicious ocassion, I am happy to let people know of a small project that I have undertaken during the past two months. It has been a while since I have been dreaming of building a comprehensive portal on Vishnu Sahasra Nama – the thousand glorious names of Lord Vishnu. Finally, I was able to get started with the work and the result is

The goal of this portal is to build a comprehensive site on the great Stotra. It will have a separate page (and possibly more than one page) for each of the thousand names. In addition, it will have various resources connected with the stotra such as downloadable texts, audio files and so on. The portal will also give the meanings of the various names. The eventual aim is to provide multiple meanings to each of the names, as explained by the various Acharyas. In fact, Sri Madhvacharya has made it clear that there at the least, 100 meanings for every single name in the Vishnu Sahasranama!

I have managed to complete the pages for the first 100 names and thought it would be a good enough milestone to let people know. I have also put together some “meta data” pages which explain the idea behind the project, the to-do list items, pointers to resources on the net, some guides and so on. There is also a “random post” link on the portal. Clicking this will take you to a random page on the portal. I think this is a very good way of reading about a particular name – whenever one has time. “One Nama a day – keeps all evil away” 🙂

Please go through the portal and let me know your feedback and suggestions. Since the work is very much in initial stages, it becomes easy to incorporate feedback and implement the same for all pages.

Best wishes to all on Madhva Navami.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


4 thoughts on “Vishnu Sahasranama Portal

  1. Thanks a lot for the new project, it is a fantastic idea. I am a keen follower(check everyday for new articles) of your regular blog, also like your temples project. Pronunciation part in Vishnu Sahasranama Portal is very useful. I request you that when you put all stotras(as per the todo list) please put all stotras with the Pronunciation guide.

    Hare Sreenivasa
    Suresh Rao

  2. Namaskara Suresh,

    Yes indeed, the goal is to stick to the format that has been used for the current names.

    Thanks for your wishes.

    Regards, Hari

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