Sama Veda Samhita Yaga

Recently, a Sama Veda Samhita Yaga was conducted at my “Mula Mane” or ancestral home at Nellitheertha. My uncle had conducted the Rig Veda Samhita Yaga two years ago and the Yajur Veda Samhita Yaga last year. And yes, next year he plans to conduct the Atharva Samhita Yaga.

Sama Veda Samhita Yaga

Sama Veda Samhita Yaga



This Yaga was very different from the last two years’ Yagas. The people who did the Yaga came from a very small community in Honnavar, Karnataka who still practice the Sama Veda. Their rhythmic and melodius chanting of the Veda Mantras was a treat to the ears.

The Yaga was conducted for 7 days and involved chanting every single Samhita shloka of Sama Veda and offering oblations through fire to Veda Narayana.



Yaga 2

Yaga 2

P.S: My uncle uses a “Arani” which is a small instrument made out of a special wood to “create” the fire needed to conduct the homas and Yagas. This is just like the good old traditional days when fire used to be created for these rituals using two Arani sticks.




2 Responses to “Sama Veda Samhita Yaga”

  1. Arun Kumar Says:

    Dear hari,
    can you please throw light on why these yaga’s are performed?

  2. Hariprasad Says:

    Dear Arun,

    I heard from Vasantha chikappa that these Yagas were typically performed for “Shanthi” in the earlier times.

    Chikappa wanted to do this as part of his sadhane and also general well being.

    Regards, Hari

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