Dashavatara Stotra and other mantras

I have uploaded the Kannada transliteration of Dashavatara Stotra by Sri Vadiraja Swamy at my mantras page. Just like all his other compositions, this one is a pleasure to recite. Even for someone like me who is a novice with music, I find his compositions very rhythmic!

Along with this, I have uploaded two other stotras at the same page.


  1. Sri Krishna Dvadasha Nama Stotra – from the Aranya parva of Mahabharata
  2. Avatara Traya Stotra – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy
Feedback and corrections are, as always, welcome.



3 thoughts on “Dashavatara Stotra and other mantras

  1. Iam Vadiraja Baktha , i could not see the site completely , i will make my time and sit to dedicate . it is really very ecxellent and informative , soo pls any seva should be done from my end , iam ready always .

  2. Namaskara Sri Sheshadri,

    Thanks for your interest in the blog. And great to know that you are devotee of Vadiraja Swamy.

    If you are from Bangalore, can you let me know any place where all the works of Vadiraja Swamy are available. Vedanta Book House and Vidya Peetha do not have all the works published.

    Regards, Hari

  3. Namskara Hariavare,

    Thank you so much for the Dashavatara stuti by Sri Vaadirajaru. I was searching for the online version of this stotra so that I can read it even when I am in office. Now I can do so, thanks to you. Your blog is excellent and very informative.


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