Did you know? 16th October 2008

Once, when Sri Vadiraja Swamy was visiting Pune, an assembly of scholars had gathered there and had adjudged Bana’s “Shishupala Vadha” as the best Sanskrit work ever. Swamiji asked them to wait for some time and offered to bring to them something better than Bana’s work. In 19 days, he then composed “Rukminishavijaya”, his magnum opus. The scholars voted it as the greater work, paraded it on an elephant and hailed Sri Vadiraja Swamy as “Kavi Kula Thilaka” (The gem amongst poets)!


3 thoughts on “Did you know? 16th October 2008

  1. dear sir,
    nice post ,
    shishupala vadha :- ill sounding title.

    please throw light on how a bala sanyasi could write so explicit intimate romantic somewhat erotic poem.

  2. Dear Sri Chiraan,

    Probably, it just shows that Sri Vadiraja Swamy was a Ruju who had knowledge of all Shastras/Rasas.

    Regards, Hari

  3. dear sri Hari
    i would like to share the explanation given by a scholar shri vijayavittala :
    it seems the same question was put in the sabha to shri vadiraja raising doubts on his celibacy , in a taunting manner. Shri vadirajaru called for a silver vessel and showed it to the sabha, and whispered something in one of the attendants’ ears, he took the silver vessel and went away. Next day sabha was called again to listen to defense of shri vadiraja swamy, swamiji called for the attendant to produce the vessel that he had given yesterday. It had turned black , vadiraja demanded explanation from scholars present , they unanimously agreed that silver vessel must have come in contact with a sour tasting material. Now it was declared that this silver vessel was kept in a public lavatory for the whole night. Nobody might have ever tasted faeces in the public lavatory , yet every scholar had the knowledge that it must be sour to turn silver vessel black( exposure to H2S) . experience is not neccessary to gain the knowlegde , it is only CT for the purpose of philosophy.

    hope this evinces interest.

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