Kadandale – Temples of Tulu Nadu

Kadandale is another one of the villages on the banks of the river Shambhavi. Kadandale has one of the oldest and a really magnificent Subramanya Temple.

Kadandale was known to be one of the richest temples around in Tulu Nadu. The income from this temple was supposedly enough to sustain several other temples around. The annual festivities of many temples around used to be conducted through this temple.

Unfortunately, the administrators of this temple were very uncooperative, to say the least. While they did not allow shooting the idols (which is understandable), they did not come forward with any information either. They were just too scared I guess 🙂

The Lord Subramanya idol I saw was one of the tallest and most wonderful I had ever seen.

The temple also has a Ganesha idol along with the main deity.

Name: Sri Subramanya Devasthana

Location: Kadandale village, Udupi.

Main deities: Subramanya, Ganapati.

Bhutas: Panjurli

Address: Sri Subramanya Devasthana, Kadandale, Udupi Taluk, Udupi.

Contact: By snail mail.

How to get there: From Kinnigoli, take the Belmann road via Moorukaveri. Turn right at Jaarikatte. Cross Posaral and travel about 5kms more. Once you cross the Shambhavi river (bridge), Kadandale is close by.

More photos here.

4 thoughts on “Kadandale – Temples of Tulu Nadu

  1. Last few years I attend Shasti Utsav and our Bali four days priot to Shasti. I feel very happy to attend to these two functions every year.

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