Did you know? 3rd September 2008

When, in the 18th century, the British Government decided to take away the land belonging to the Mantralaya Matha, the locals appealed to them to not do so. A committee under Sir Thomas Munroe took over. Sir Thomas Munroe decided to visit the Brundavana himself. After spending a few minutes inside, he came back a completely changed man saying he actually spoke to Swamiji and received his blessings.

The British did not touch the land after that, an event recorded in the official Madras gazeteer!

Taratamya Stotra

One of the important points brought out by Sri Madhvacharya was the “taratamya” or hierarchy amongst Jivas (sentient beings). Vishnu and Mahalakshmi, are of course, on top and out of the taratamya list. Next follows Brahma, Vayu, their wives, Anantha, Shesha, Rudra and so on. This hierarchy is naturally reflected in our material world as well.

The Taratamya Stotra is a composition which describes this hierarchy in detail. I am uploading this beautiful stotra in Kannada script to my mantras page. You can download it by clicking here.

Also, if you are just interested in just the list and the order of the hierarchy (in English), you can read this page.

Did you know? 1st September 2008

When Sri Madhvacharya presented his Gita Bhashya (Commentary on the Bhagavadgita) to Sri Veda Vyasa at Uttara Badari, he was asked to make only one correction. Consequently, Sri Madhva changed the line where he stated that he had written the work with the “best of his ability” (Vakshyaami Shaktitaha) to say he had stated things with “as little effort as possible” (Vakshyaami leshataha)!