5 thoughts on “Did you know? 23rd September 2008

  1. Hi., When I was searching some informations regarding Bhuta kola for writing a post in my blog, I happened to enter your blog which is really informative as well as interesting. It is a great site. I am proud of you. No adds, no publicity , just blogging. I have linked your blog with mine. If you link mine i will be honored
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  2. Dear sir,
    I disagree with the conclusion that BUdha was illegitimate. because wherever there is illegitimacy /irregularity there is evil in the product . eg kamsa ,karna,etc . here no evil is seen in budha. moreover tara is regarded as one of panchkanyas by krishna along with draupadi mandodari,ahalya ,& tara. Also according to Manu the calf belongs to the owner of the cow not the bull. hence when someone sows seeds in other woman the son so born is always the others you cannot own it. But here budha is always referred to as Sowmya the son of moon and not brihaspati against Manu ‘s dictum.
    Moon is superior to Brihaspati in Tartamya . His association with Tara (who was not involved) is not illegitimate. Just like birth of Pandavas. Moon according to Puranas always carries Bramha Avesha. Birth of Budha should be considered as special case of surrogacy.
    counter arguments welcome

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