Mudra Photos

One of the important rituals associated with Vaishnavas is to put on the “marks of Vishnu” on the body everyday. This consists of putting the “Urdhva Pundra” and the “Mudras”. The Urdhva Pundra Dharana (putting on Urdhava Pundra) consists of using the Gopi Chandana and applying the same to 12 parts of the body i.e forehead, lower abdomen (center, left and right), chest, both arms, the neck (center, left and right), lower back and below the neck at the back.

Gopi Chandana

Gopi Chandana

The Gopi Chandana is made of a special soil available near Dwaraka in Gujarat. If Gopi Chandana is unavailable, plain water can also be used but putting on the Urdhva Pundra is compulsory.

Similarly, the 5 mudras have to be applied to the 12 parts mentioned above. The 5 mudras are Shankha, Chakra, Gada, Padma and Narayana.

Shankha Mudra

Shankha Mudra

Chakra Mudra

Chakra Mudra

Gada Mudra

Padma Mudra

Padma Mudra

Gada Mudra

Narayana Mudra

Narayana Mudra

The ritual of putting on Gopi and Mudras is followed especially by Madhvas.


9 Responses to “Mudra Photos”

  1. Arun Says:

    how far i have known and heard of, even the right chest is to be included..

  2. Hariprasad Says:

    Dear Arun,

    The 12 I have mentioned are the basic or core ones. Each matha has some small deviations/changes. So some of them do apply on the right side of the chest, some on both.

    Regards, Hari

  3. Kale Balkrishna Says:


    I am bit confused. The captions for Gada and Padma mudra are interchanged. Please check once more.

    Haraye Namaha

    Kale Balkrishna

  4. Kale Balkrishna Says:

    Namaskara Hari Avare,

    Thanks for the correction with regards to Mudra Captions.

    Haraye Namaha

    Kale Balkrishna

  5. pavaman Says:

    gada and padma should be interchanged.


  6. raghavendra Says:

    Please clarify the Narayana Mudra symbols !

    What i have heard is it would be more appropriate if it is ” Om Namo nArAyaNAya Om” written on it

  7. Raghavendra kulkarni Says:

    Other forms of chakramudra are also available. In the center two inverted stars are present instead of circles.

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