Did you know? 31st July 2008

In his work titled “Yati Pranava Kalpa”, Sri Madhvacharya provides comprehensive details on the types of Sanyasis, the qualifications and steps to becoming a Sanyasi and the duties of a Sanyasi!

2 thoughts on “Did you know? 31st July 2008

  1. respected sir,
    can you please tell us if it is possible to take sanyaasa without parent’s permission/ and which type of sanyasis are considered highest

  2. The basic requirement is Brahmacharya, next is knowledge of Shastras, and application of both to life. Change of Uniform does harm than good. Sanyasa and Peethaadhipatya are totally different. But in both parents permission is obligatory as it is our responsibility to be with them, at least in their old age.

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