Did you know? 29th July 2008

The book – “Tantra Sara Sangraha” – written by Sri Madhvacharya contains exhaustive details of the procedure to be followed in identifying locations for temples, building temples, idols and the detailed procedure to be followed in temple worship!

2 thoughts on “Did you know? 29th July 2008

  1. Dear sir,
    according to tantrasara , is dhyana of Krishna in a Rama’s idol, or narsimhamurthy upasana/pooja in vedvyas murthy prohibited.
    can Rama vigraha be worshipped with manyusuktha .

    question 2.
    is there any specific dictum/verse there in sadagamas about meru in a japamala.
    is it explicitly prohibited to cross/jump meru(main bead in the mala) in a tulasimala . some of the saiva granthas say so. but is it written in vaishnava granthas also. i have seen many pontiffs cross meru during their omkara japa.
    kindly enlighten.#

  2. Dear Prasanna,

    I want to clarify something before I attempt an answer. I sometimes think it is my audacity to be writing on the great Madhvacharya’s philosophy with the extremely limited amount of learning I have done in this area. I still go ahead with my writing with the impression that, as long as I don’t publish false information, it would still be useful to other people like me. Therefore, I seek your pardon if my comments below are incorrect.

    According to tantra sara sangraha (and also Harikathamruthasara), the Lord manifests in various forms as avatars. With each avatar, he helps us glorify some aspects of his (infinite) Gunas. That being the case, it would be most appropriate to worship an avatar (through an idol) recognizing and praising those attributes which that avatar highlights. In other words, even though it may not be wrong to worship one form in another (as all forms correspond to the same ONE), it may not ‘match’ well. Puja, mantras, meditation etc are all supposed to cause vibrations and positive energy in our mind. Idols, photos, temples etc are all God given instruments for us to pursue that build up of energy. If we pray to Narasimha in Veda vyasa murthy, there may not be a sync between what the idol can help achieve and what we seek. My two cents…

    Regarding the meru in a mala, I do not have a reference that I can point to, but my Guru’s instructions for me is to NOT cross the meru. The Japa techniques for Sanyasis are very different from those who belong to the other three ashramas. This may be one such difference.

    Regards, Hari

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