Panchamruta Abhisheka at Nellitheertha

Recently, the 5th anniversary of the Sri Jabali Sannidhana was held at Nellitheertha. On this ocassion, Panchamruta Abhisheka (milk, curds, ghee, honey and sugar) was performed for a week to all the dieties.

I happened to attend the festivities on the concluding day. It is believed that the abhisheka consisting of the five items brings back color to the idols of the dieties.

According to the custom, whenever Panchamruta Abhisheka is performed, special Arathis and offerings also must be made. When I asked Sri Subraya Bhat why this was so, his reply was “When you take an oil bath, don’t you feel more tired and desire for some special food and a nap. Its the same here” 🙂

There were hundreds of people who attended the festivities in the evening. An Yakshagana by children was also performed on this ocassion.

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