Saligrama, Sudarshana Photos

Some photos of Saligrama and Sudarshanas at home courtesy my new Sony CyberShot H10 camera 🙂




Balamuri Shankha

Balamuri Shankha

Idols worshipped daily



10 thoughts on “Saligrama, Sudarshana Photos

  1. Namaskara Vasudha,

    AFAIK, you can continue worshipping the Shaligrama. Shaligramas do not get bhagna. If Shaligrama splits, then they are called Sudarshana.

    If Balamuri Shankha gets bhagna, then they must be put into the ocean.

    Regards, Hari

  2. Namaskara Sri Chiraan,

    I am a big zero in Palmistry. Could you kindly let me know what the significance of the solomon ring is?

    Regards, Hari

  3. Shri Hari ,
    Brahaspati mudrika indiactes a person who would involve in some social work, upasana, sadhana, sometimes it leads to higher realm of studies as well. for some it indicates a symapathetic personality, who would donate some time and resources for a cause like animal rights etc. when this gets broken it indiactes fall from moral values on certain occasion only. if heart line touches this line and pierces it , it indicates extreme troubles from women.
    if very close to finger man becomes impractical in his spiritual persuits.

    By the way let me put some corrections to shaligrama question, it is not advisable to worship bhagna(not bhanga) saligrama, It is better to donate such saligrama to mathas. vide varaha purana.

  4. Namaskara Sri Chiraan,

    Many thanks for that information. It was my father who was holding the Saligrama.

    Regarding Bhagna Saligrama, I consulted an expert in Udupi (who has studied under Sri Adamaru Swamiji and previous Sode Swamiji) and took his opinion before posting the comment. Thanks for your clarification. The route mentioned by you seems a safer option considering that it comes from a authoritative scripture.

    Regards, Hari

  5. Sri hari
    varaha purana says.” bhagna,dagdha,karal,vikral,rakthavarna, and one greater than size of palm should not be worshipped in the house. even hollow ones should not be worshiped,
    saligramas worshipped by devatas should also be not worshipped.
    smaller the size shreshtha is the saligram in revealing its effects.

    1. Namaskaara Hariprasad/Chiraan,

      I was looking for Saaligrama pooje krama and found this web-site. Hope this site is still active.

      Have vasudeva saaligrama at home. Now, one of my friends wants to give me Varaha saaligrama. The questions that I have are:
      1. We don’t have a Varaha idol at home. Within my circles, I have not heard people doing Varaha pooje at home. Is it OK to accept Varaha Saaligraama and continue pooje ?
      2. If I accept Varaha saaligraama, # of saaligraamas would be 2. Is that fine ?
      3. Does Varaha require lot more madi at home ?

      – Raghu

  6. Dear Hari,


    Oh my god! You have a balamuri shaMkha!!! That is priceless (I havent seen any in my lifetime).

    God bless you Hari – how wonderful this is…I am thankful for your posting this image – God bless you!

    Goddess annapurneshwari’s vigraha is also there – maybe you got it from Kashi??

    harEh parataram nAsti,

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