The four thirthas at Pajaka

Pajaka is the birthplace of Sri Madhvacharya. Even today, one can find the home of Sri Madhva. I have already written about Pajaka and its importance for Madhvas followers in an earlier post.

Another fascinating aspect of Pajaka is the presence of four ponds or Thirthas around the village. It is believed that these four ponds were created by Lord Parashurama. Sri Madhva, in his childhood, used to visit each of these ponds everyday and take bath in it. In fact, when his mother expressed difficulty in visiting the four ponds everyday, Sri Madhva is said to have created the Vasudeva Thirtha right behind his house and told his mother that taking bath in the new pond is equivalent to taking bath in all four of them. Vasudeva Thirtha has been renovated and one should not miss it when visiting Pajaka.

The first of the four Thirthas is Dhanus (bow) thirtha. This is about 2kms away from the house of Sri Madhva and is on top of a hill. It is an extra-ordinary sight. It is believed that the four ponds never dry up. True to this, we found a huge pool of water at the top of the rocky, dry hill even in the middle of May. Below the hill in the villages, there was not even a drop of water even in wells and ponds!!

Dhanus Thirtha

The next three Thirthas are closer to Sri Madhva’s house. The next one is Gada (mace) Thirtha. This is at the base of a hillock which has a Parashurama Temple. Pajaka is one of the few places in India where you will find a Parashurama Temple. Another fascinating aspect of these ponds is that even though the rocks containing the ponds is burning hot because of the heat, the water itself is very cool.

Gada Thirtha

The third one is known as Bana (arrow) Thirtha. This one is right behind the Kunjaru Giri hill, which has the famous Durga temple (which was worshipped by Sri Madhva).

Bana Thirtha

The fourth pond is Parashu (axe) Thirtha. This is about half a kilometer behind Sri Madhva’s house and is on top of a small hillock. There is also a Gopala Krishna temple next to the pond.

Parashu Thirtha

It is considered very auspicious to visit all four ponds in a single day. The next time you visit Pajaka, ensure you do visit these four Thirthas, and take bath in them, if possible.


2 thoughts on “The four thirthas at Pajaka

  1. Namaskara Shree Hariprasad,

    I have a quick question about the Lord Parashurama Temple in Pajakakshetra. Are sevas and poojas still being offered to the Lord in this temple? When is the best possible time to visit this temple. I am thinking of commencing martial arts training in Aikido (Japanese Martial Art) and I would really like to offer prayers first at Lord Parashurama’s Temple and then Thaayar Durga’s Temple in Pajakakshetra before I commence training.

    Your advice would be sincerely appreciated.

    With pranams


    Na Maadhava Sama Deva
    Na Cha Madhva Samo Guru

    1. Namaskara Sri Karthik,

      As far as I know, the temple is fully functional. It is now monsoon in Dakshina Kannada but it should still be ok to reach the place. You should plan to visit during the first half of the day, preferably early morning.


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