Mantra recordings

Its been a while since I uploaded any new mantras to my collection. That’s mostly because I desist from transliterating any mantra that I do not know by heart or cannot recite well. Only yesterday I figured out that Audacity is an excellent tool to record audio. So, I decided to put up some MP3 recordings of the mantras that I upload.

My first such recording is up at my site in a new page. I have uploaded MP3s of Purusha Sukta and Ambhrani Sukta. For some strange reason, my service provider doesn’t let me upload files of size more than 5MB. So I need to go figure out a system without firewall issues so I can upload a few more MP3s that I have. Should be up there in a couple of days.

I know there are tons of sites offering better quality MP3s of the same mantras. But the ones I have recorded have their own advantage 🙂 They are not elaborate, no background music, and I have tried my best to stick to the pronunciation rules. Besides, I have tried hard not to “swallow” syllables which I find to be a very common mistake during mantra chanting. For someone who wants to do a self-learning job, having the pdf document at hand and listening to the MP3 should be a good combination.


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