Dompada Bali at Nellitheertha

For those wondering what Dompada Bali is, (according to Wikieducator), it is a ritual worship of a bhuta under a specially constructed pandal. Dompada Bali is held in Nellitheertha for the main Bhuta – Pilichamundi. This year, its happening on the 16th of March. Rituals start around 7 in the evening and will continue till morning. Write to me if you want to make it there to participate – contact at nellitheertha dot com.
While on Nellitheertha, I must mention here that I had the wonderful opportunity to be the Kartru for a most special Shatha Rudrabhisheka at Nellitheertha last Sunday. Subraya Bhat, the administrator, assures me that it is only the second time in the history of the temple that such a special worship has happened. A truly divine experience it was!


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