Kukke Subramanya Temple – Accomodation and Travel

I see that there are quite a few hits to my blog on Kukke Subramanya Temple. Of course, most people get to the page wanting to know how to reach Kukke and where to stay. Which means my writeup is a completely useless article for them. So, here I go in my attempt to be of some use to the devotees of Kukke Subramanya.

Accomodation: There are quite a few guest houses at Kukke. Ashlesha, Karthikeya, Kumarakrupa and Skandakrupa are few of them. Courtesy this site, the phone number for booking rooms is 281224 or 281400. The STD code for Kukke is 08257. There is another lodge called as the Sriniketana lodge which is also pretty reasonable. I do not have the number but the folks from the other lodges should be able to provide the same.

Travel: The road through Shiradi ghats and through Charmadi ghats (through Mysore-Madikeri-Puttur) are both horrible. And I can’t see them being repaired any time soon. Traveling on one’s own vehicle could be a nightmare. The best option, according to, is to take a KSRTC Rajahamsa bus from Bangalore overnight. Its really convenient. Plus you can book two way tickets online.

In case you are not able to book accomodation and have to reach Kukke (with family), the better thing to do would be to land up in Dharmasthala and take an accomodation there. There are multiple guest houses available there and chances of obtaining one are brighter. Dharmasthala to Kukke is about 60KMs and you can cover it in less than 2 hours plus there are lots of public transport buses available.

P.S: I am now even more convinced about what I wrote a few days ago over here. Two weeks ago, Nitin and I landed up in Kukke. Nitin wanted to go there and I was his guide 🙂 Hoovina jothe naaru swarga serithu!


From Bangalore :- Bangalore – Nelamangala – Kunigal – Chennarayapatna – Hassan – Sakleshpura – Gundya Junction – (left turn on NH48) – Subramanya. Approximate distance is 280kms. Road quality is (a) excellent till Sakleshpura, (b) bad then onwards.

From Mysore :- Mysore – Hunsur – Periyapatna – Kushalnagara – Madikeri – Sampaje – Puttur – Subramanya. Approximate distance is 220kms. Road quality is average.

Update:  As of March/April 2008, the Shiradi Ghats section between Sakleshapura and Gundya (near Kukke) has significantly improved. Work is progressing at a rapid rate. Out of the 45kms, almost 30kms is very good. You will have to travel a little slow in the remaining 15kms. I managed it in a Honda City which has one of the lowest ground clearances. So you can imagine!

Update: See some photos of the road and Shiradi ghats as of July 2008

Update (January 2009):

Found this excellent website with complete and useful information on the temple. Click here.

126 thoughts on “Kukke Subramanya Temple – Accomodation and Travel

  1. Dear Hari,


    What a wonderful blog! I have been researching for quite sometime regarding one aspect of naagaaraadhane – the elaborate naaga mandala. All that the internet can tell me is that it is an expensive affair. I dont know if this is in the 1lakh range or in 10-15 lakh range. Would you perhaps know this ballpark figure? I just want to do my part in keeping the traditions of tulunadu alive. If possible, please email this information to me.

    srIlakShmInArAyaNaha suprasannAha varadAha bhavaMtu.

  2. Mr. Hari,

    We plan to reach Kukke Subramanya on 19th morning by Mangalore express. ( we are commencing our journey in Hyderabad),. We intend to Perform abhishekham in the morning and bandi vutsavam in the evening. Then catch again in the evening by 9 o clock the train to Bangalore.
    Could you write few words on this (whether both the sevas can be done on the same day and will be over before 8 PM.)

  3. Can someone please send me the address of the Kukke Subramanya Temple. I’ve been asked to send a DD for the pooja and I do not have the address.

  4. Hi,

    I had been to Kukke recently (15days back). Train journey is the best, it starts at 6.30 PM from Yeshwantpur, (Bangalore)….8.30 pm he reaches Blore railway station….stops at Mysore 1/2 hour….Sakleshpur 1/2 hour….reaches Kukke at 6.30 AM.

    i heard roads from Sakleshpur to Gundya is very bad with lot of traffic jams (even during night)….so it is a bad idea to drive.

    alternative route via chickmaglur is available (if road is the only way out)

    this is a very good blog….i wonder how Hari has so much of info….great!


  5. namaskara,
    what are the timings of the temple and for pujas do we have to wear white? does anybody have an idea how nandi shradha is performed and what the cost involved is? how long do the pujas last?


  6. We are from Coimbatore. We got married in January 1992 and since then we didn’t have a child. We had been asked to perform the sarpa samskara and other related pooja in Subramanya, so we did the same in the year 2002 and by the grace of God, we became the parents of a lovely girl child on 1.1.2005. Now she is 4 years old and we have been planning to go to subramanya with the child. We have to make it soon with the blessings of God !

  7. Nice info. Kindly let me know some travel options available. I have heard that the road from Kukke to Mangalore is bad with lot of pot holes. I am planning a trip to kukke very shortly and want to take my family along. My wife is carrying, and hence looking out for more comfortable travel options from kukke to udupi.

    Kindly suggest.

  8. We are planning to do Sarpasamskara pooja. Are we required to stay for two days at Kukke. We will be travelling from Bangalore by train and will we able to attend the puja on same day morning of arrival.

  9. Hello,
    Whats your openion about going Subramanya via mysore-madikeri-sullya in a private vehicle from B.lore?
    What is the app. distance from bangalore in this route?

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