Aati Kalenja – A Tulunadu Tradition

Aati Kalenja is a fast disappearing Tulunadu tradition. It is believed in Tulunadu that the spirit Kalenja comes down to Parashurama Kshetra during the month of Aati (July-Aug : rainy season) to protect people from diseases, as insects and bacteria are bound to be more during this time. A certain section of people belonging to the Nalike tribe dress up as Kalenje, invoke the spirit and go around villages assuring people of good health and in turn collecting some rice, coconut etc.

It is an amazing tradition, just like the Bhuta Kola, Yakshagana and other Tulunadu traditions. I found an excellent documentary in Youtube on Aati Kalenja. It is a really good 9 minute capsule which covers all aspects of Aati Kalenja. It has commentary in English so you wouldn’t find it difficult to follow. Plus, if you understand Tulu, there is a really good background song in this documentary 🙂



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