Udupi (contd – 3)

  • Udupi is also famous for a host of other things, chief among them is its contribution to the world of cuisine.
  • It is said that Udupi is the birthplace of Masala Dosa.
  • The Mangalore Bonda or “Goli Baje” available at Mitra Samaja, Car Street, Udupi is truly amazing.
  • Udupi hotels are also world famous for their taste and hospitality.

One thought on “Udupi (contd – 3)

  1. Hey…. one more thing about Udupi foods. People from this place enjoy a tinge of jaggery to all the foods they make. Be it typical south or typical north receipe… they enjoy it better with the taste of jaggery adding to it.

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